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If you want to learn about the hudding of data by health companies or get the concent form. 

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About me: Unveiling a Pressing Injustice in Cancer Research

I launcing this website to spotlight a recurring issue that deeply concerns me – a persistent obstacle I’ve encountered in my pursuit of precision medicine for cancer treatment. My commitment is unwavering: I won’t rest until hospitals cease the sale of freely donated patient data, a resource generously contributed by individuals with hopes of advancing cancer cures.

Data donated freely should not be sold. Together, we hold the power to effect change. With insider knowledge, I reveal that their hands are tied. By refusing to sign their release forms without them reciprocally endorsing the data-sharing consent, we wield the ability to accelerate cancer research dramatically. Let’s unite to reshape the landscape of cancer research and treatment. 

We will be publish our latest cancer research treatments  soon

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