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Cancer Cure Hindered by pharmaceutical companies Greed: Companies Raking in Billions selling donated data.

.If you donated data, you are being robbed. Medical Data Goldmine:

.Profit-Driven Data Sale Stifles Cancer Cure: The Alarming Consequences

Title: Unveiling Cancer’s Data Hoarding: A Call to Action for Change

Hello and welcome,

Allow me to introduce myself—I’m an expert data scientist immersed in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and precision medicine for immunotherapy treatment. Today, I bring to your attention a pressing issue that has been weighing heavily on my mind—one that deserves urgent consideration and collective action.

I’ll keep this post concise, but I implore you to try and grasp the magnitude of this issue. At the end of this post, you’ll find undeniable evidence that sheds light on the matter.

Remember the lightning-fast development of the COVID vaccine? Have you ever wondered why it was achieved in mere months, Did you know that before 2020 vaccine development was typically expected in years instead, not months? Yes, it often took a decade or longer to develop so what brought the stark contrast to the typically prolonged timeline of vaccine creation, how were the government and pharmaceutical companies able to get it done in a few months, How?.

Now, let’s address a pressing question:Why hasn’t the same rapid progress been replicated for cancer treatment?
The answer is twofold, involving data hoarding by pharmaceutical giants and a shortage of essential resources.

1) Data Hoarding by Pharmaceutical Companies:
The baffling truth is that much of the data crucial for devising effective cancer treatments is generously donated by patients, only to be re-sold by hospitals and health companies for thousands of dollars, hindering the progress we could achieve. This practice thwarts resource allocation and significantly hampers our ability to combat cancer effectively. The stark contrast between cancer treatment and the swift progress witnessed during the COVID vaccine development is undeniable. You can read more about the troubling development doctors failed to disclose millions of dollars in payments from drug and health care companies in recent years

2) Alarming Consequences Stifle Cancer Cure Diminishing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI):
AI has shown remarkable potential in revolutionizing cancer treatment. With the right data, AI could drive advancements at an unprecedented pace, resulting in personalized treatments guided by advanced algorithms. However, the road to achieving this potential is obstructed by limited access to the crucial data that is currently being withheld.
This is a deeply personal matter for me. My father’s battle with stage 4 prostate cancer has been a driving force behind my involvement in precision medicine and immunology development.

Actionable Steps to Take:
1. Sign the petition (link provided).

2. Force the hospitals to share the data that patients are donating for free instead of them selling it for thousands of dollars to make a profit. You can do this when you sign the form to allow them to text with your removed tumor cell by making them sign the form here, which you can download and require that hospitals sign or else they don’t get your cells 
2. Request that when hospitals get your cell data they are required to share it with the public of course without including your personal information like birth name or SSN, to do this you can make them sign a  form which I have generated for this purpose here. I made a post on why this strategy works which you can read here

3. Spread the word: Share this information with others and engage in conversations about the importance of accessible data for cancer research.

In Conclusion:
Let’s transform our collective frustration into actionable change. By signing the petition, raising awareness, and forcing data transparency, we can break down barriers and propel cancer treatment forward. This issue hits close to home for many of us, and it’s within our power to make a difference. Together, we can revolutionize the landscape of cancer treatment.
Please take this matter seriously and share this post. Together, we can pave the way for a future where cancer’s grip on lives is loosened, one step at a time.

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